Canada is the center of North
America industrial and agriculture land. Canada also has environmental issues.
Pollution from the mining and logging industry kills and contaminates the

Canada is rich for its economic
development by mining, which provides wealth for North America. This growth
also causes environmental damages from air pollution, water, soil, plants, and
wildlife. Industrial waste from the mining causes air pollutions, which causes
acid rain. This acid rain destroys our fishes and pollutes our drinking water.

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Canada’s logging industry also
affects the environment. As we use natural resources from the earth to make
useful materials, we are also destroying the environment. We are using way too
many trees; way too fast and slower then we can replenish it back. The logging
industry is destroying an ecological system. The cutting down of trees causes a
dominoes effect, which destroys the forest, take away animal habitats, decrease
oxygen production and prevents new soil growth. These are all negative effects
on our environment.

                 The Ecological system is so important to us,
as well as the natural world. We need to keep it safe. We could first start
with the Ecological Footprint, which measures human demands on nature. It is a
way to show how we use our natural and measures how much we use. This will give
us an idea how much to restore back by, recycling products. We could also
purchase more paper egg cartons instead of Styrofoam or plastic. Shopping at
local farmers markets help sell more organic fruits and vegetables, which
decrease pesticide and chemical fertilizer. Finally, we also need to get
together with other countries to fix the problem globally. What affects Canada,
will impact all of us.

          So, when you
eating a hearty lunch or taking a sip of water, think about the world, think
what the world needs and then yourself. Don’t be selfish