A of products from the world has lead to

A process of elevated
interaction and integration amidst the population, companies and bureaucracy of
different nations is referred to as Globalization. It is a process driven by
international trade and investment which has its effects on social as well as
cultural aspects. Globalization started thousands of years ago. Individuals and
companies would travel long distances to export and import goods from one
nation to another on the basis of availability and requirement in their nations.
The establishment of enterprises in foreign nations in the early years is a
proof of globalization’s beginning.

The advancements in
technologies and adoption of new protocols of free trade has boomed the process
of globalization to a great extent. The progress of the economy of developing
countries, exposure of new products and ideas, better quality products due to
competition and the availability of products from the world has lead to equality.
Massive amount of profits and exposure of small producers to the world gives
rise to new opportunities. This proves that the world has entered a
quality phase of growth and equality.

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“Arguing against globalization is like arguing against
gravity.” – Kofi Annan, Former Secretary General of the United Nations.

The types of globalization include:

1.      Economic
Globalization – A free trade arrangement that grants the easy and economical transfer
of goods, productions, capitals and resources. This aids the problems of places
where there is scarcity of resources, spices, goods or other products. It benefits
a multinational corporation as well as a small scale producer as their product
can reach to different nations where it is required. For some products, the
resources and raw materials may not be available at the place of origin, so to
aid these parts, resources or raw materials are either imported or assembled in
a branch there and in this way, it helps the corporation or a producer to get
the required resources at a reasonable price and also get better quality
products. In a recent press conference of Apple, Tim Cook was questioned for
their products assembly in China. Tim stated, “The availability of machinery and
the minute craftsmanship of workers in China is unmatched.” The minute parts
and assembly would cost him a good amount in the United States and still might
not be able to match the perfection of the product. Manufacturing, parts and
assembly of products in Beijing, China at a fair price and exposure of a
perfect product to the world has led to the success of the company as well as
the economy.