Andrea the Rape of Nanking occurred it was a

Andrea  MoralesMs.AlgerEnglish 212 January 2018Genocide Report On December 13,1937 the Rape of Nanking occurred it was a genocide that happened on in China’s capital city called Nanking.Japanese imperial Army soldiers would invade their town and led to murder half of the population which was around “600,000”.The Japanese Imperial Army killed around “260,000-300,000”.These killings would last around six weeks this genocide would be known as “The Rape of Nanking”.A genocide is people killing another large number group of people on purpose.There can be many different reasons for a genocide to occur.The Rape of Nanking was a genocide by the cause of Japanese killing a large number of Chinese folks.The Japanese had the Chinese people in control until the of War World II.The Japanese,attacked Nanking because they wanted to conquer all of China,they said they would accomplish this in just three months. The Japanese invaded Chinese Manchuria,the Japanese were greater and stronger than the Chinese troops.This led to Japanese controlling most of the Chinese territory.The Japanese wanted their influence to prosper throughout everywhere.In July 1937,they led to a full war between the Japanese and the Chinese.First the Japanese had won,then the Chinese had a time where they were winning (BBC News).After that the Japanese went and raided the capital of China which is known as Nanking, after they defeated the Chinese at another location.They sent “50,000” Japanese troops to Nanking.The commander of the expeditionary force,Prince Yasuhito Asaka ordered the Japanese to “kill all captives” (Commonlit).They saw the “90,000” Chinese soldiers as “Less than human” and “Unworthy of life” because the Chinese surrendered to them.This was found as an “unthinkable act of cowardice”,they then sought out to eliminate them all (Gavin,Philip).Chiang Kai-shek’s troops left Nanking that’s how the Japanese occupied it easily(BBC News).They started with attacking Shanghai,after they attacked and succeeded they went to go for the capital.The commander of the Japanese army was the General Matsui Iwane, he lead one army of troops across Tai Hu which was between Shanghai and Nanking.Which led to them going to Nanking and attacking them.(Nanking).Once they arrived there had no mercy,they took photos of what they did,and smiled in them with the corpses on the floor.They decapitated their heads and displayed them as souvenirs.Some Chinese POWS were shoot to death by a machine gun,while other were tied up and burned alive.Some Chinese POWS were shot to death by a machine gun,while other were tied up and burned alive.They raped women of ages as little as 8 and older than 70 years old.More than 20,000 women were gang-raped by the Japanese,after they were raped they were stabbed or shot to death.If there was a pregnant women they were first raped then they slit their bellies open,resulting in the killing of their babies.While they were raiding the houses in Nanking,if they found a family in the houses,they would proceed to make the family members rape each other also make the other family members watch(Gavin,Philip).There would be people who saw and Japanese who admitted to what they had done, they said “There was a woman holding a child on her right arm… and another one on her left.” and “We stabbed and killed them, all three – like potatoes in a skewer. I thought then, it’s been only one month since I left home… and 30 days later I was killing people without remorse.”.They went throughout the city and killed whoever they saw and looted whatever they can,after that they would burn the building down,if there were people inside the building,they would lock up the building and burn it down.People tried to escape their death by jumping into the street off the rooftop.The Chinese people were killed in many ways their cities and houses burnt down,they were stab,drowned,strangled,raped,and shot.People claimed that the streets of Nanking were said to “run red with blood”.For the people who weren’t killed in the city they were taken outside and were made to dig their own graves.While they were occupying Nanking,they spread drugs like opium and heroin,they gave it to the people of Nanking no matter of the age.Because of that around 50,000 people became addicted to this drug(Gavin,Phillip).During the rape of Nanking women had created a system called the “Comfort Women system”,which made young Chinese prostitute themselves to only Japanese soldiers..The International safety was an establishment which had Americans and Europeans who lived in Nanking,they had good professions .They had  Red Cross flags which they put to show that they owned a part of 2.5 square-mile area which was in the middle of the city this part was off limits to the Japanese.The International Safety almost lost their lives by attempting to  stop these executions of Chinese men or to help prevent rape of women and young girls(Gavin,Philip). The rape of Nanking  ended after the Japanese said they respected the Nanking Safety Zone,on January 1938 Japanese declared that peace was restored in Nanking.After a week of February they began to rule Nanking until the end of WW2.The aftermath of this was that it ended with the execution of Matsui and his lieutenant Tani Hisao,they were convicted for the killings (The History Staff). In conclusion the Rape of Nanking was a killing of hatred for the Chinese people.Chinese folks and soldiers outnumbered the Japanese but they did not have the skill of attacking like the Japanese did.The cause of this genocide was not only the Japanese wanting to conquer all of China, but also because of what the Chinese did,they surrendered which to the Japanese was to kill all these cowards as they broke this military code that is to never surrender.Thousands of people and their families they were tortured and scarred by what they had to do.Japanese killed many women,men,children and pregnant women.They burned down towns and people inside.They were motivated by hatred,and wanted to leave no one alive.The Japanese had chiefs and leader to send them for the killings.They wanted to conquer all of China in just 3 months.With the International Safety Zone,it was a safer place for the Chinese folk.After what happened with the Comfort Women System where women had to prostitute themselves to the Japanese soldiers.The Rape of Nanking might have ended for a while it then came back, and the Japanese occupied Nanking until WW2.This led to the death of Matsui and his lieutenant Tani Hisao, they were blamed for the killing of the Chinese.