As is an annual architectural quiz contest which is

As a faculty at Department of Architecture, I have had the chance of knowing Ms. Surbhi Chhabra from her first year, being her mentor in the undergraduate course. I am writing this in order to support Ms. Surbhi and her desire to attend Master’s Programme. Ms. Surbhi is one of my best students and therefore I sincerely recommend that she shall have the opportunity to attend your university.


I am certain that Ms. Surbhi is going to continue to do great and express creativity wherever she goes in future and hence, I highly recommend her for admission to Graduate program. She is talented, caring, dedicated, and focused on her pursuits and is truly a stand-out individual who has the capability to impress anyone she meets. She is a student with great efforts, endurance, diligence and scientific capabilities.

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Throughout the course, she undertook varied and diverse subjects taught by me and have excelled in each of them. She has carried out many studio projects, which involved both individuals as well as group projects. In these tasks, she presented her ability to work effectively with others, exhibit her innovative ideas and has shown her strong capability for analytical thinking. She has efficiently handled the projects and completed them on time with full determination. She has also shown her grip on different onerous software. She is a young person who approaches her task with an astute sense of objectivity.  An undergraduate who has earned my implicit trust and respect, Surbhi would surely be an asset to your university.


However, Surbhi’s talents and motivations are not limited strictly to the class, only. She has actively participated in many competitions, workshops and has been the member of various college societies.


·         Srijan (Annual Magazine):

Srijan is college’s annual magazine showcasing students’ talent. Surbhi has been an active member of Annual College Magazine as a designer since her freshman year. She has consecutively worked for four years as a designer in the magazine and has produced some stunning and impressive designs, which were published in the magazine.


·         Archumen 1314:

Archumen is an annual architectural quiz contest which is held for undergraduate architectural students to testify students’ knowledge in the field of architecture. She actively took part in the contest.



·         Papier- Mâché Workshop :

It was a three-day ‘Papier- Mâché’ workshop featuring modelling of products through the waste paper and common glue. Her product modelled out of waste paper and glue was highly appreciated by faculty as well as the workshop mentor.


·         Transparence:

It is a contest launched to recognise the works of students of architecture through creativity and excellence in designing spaces and structures on a predefined subject. She had to design a metro station complex as per the prerequisite requirements. Her design revolved around the sustainability as well as economic feasibility and was one of the most appreciated designs.


Ms. Surbhi possesses exceptional act of expressing ideas, knowledge, and thoughts in written as well as spoken English. As part of her undergraduate studies, she had put forward a fair amount of presentations which showcased her strong control in her communication skills. She showed very strong organizational and management abilities, and she was very orderly, with the ability to learn quickly. She is a confident speaker and has a good command over the language.


She was a pleasure to have in class with her positive attitude and belief in herself, even in the face of difficulty, is an immensely admirable asset. Her profound knowledge and professional attitude are totally precise and relevant for your reputed university. Based on my interaction and her performance over the period of five years, I believe that Ms. Surbhi Chhabra is fully capable of pursuing a master’s degree and performing excellently. She has always displayed a learning attitude, leadership ability and an innovative mindset. I therefore highly recommend her to Master’s Programme. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.