Because ‘life’ and ‘Metrics’ means ‘to measure’. Finger print

of increasing number of theft cases of the Automobile there is a need to
enhance the security level of the vehicles. Traditional and commonly used key
locks available in the vehicles are easily unlocked by the professional
thieves. With the help of master key it becomes very easy to unlock the lock of
the vehicles by the thieves. This creates the demand of such type of lock which
is new and provides an additional security level. The new and modern lock must
be unique in itself i.e. it must be only unlocked by special and specific key.
This type of feature is available in the biometrics locks i.e. the lock which
can only be locked and unlocked by the human body features. Biometrics can
include: face recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint recognition, eye
(iris) recognition.

that conventional method behind came in the concept of igniting the vehicles
using key. And now, Keys are being replaced by Push start buttons. This project
was started with the sole purpose of eliminating keys as conventional method of
starting the vehicle. With the introduction of Biometrics in the 18th century,
security advancement in technology has gone up to various levels. In the 18th
century it was used to verify the employees working for the British Empire.
Since then Biometrics has taken its toll. Biometrics is formed from the Greek
words ‘Bio’ and ‘Metrics’ where ‘Bio’ means ‘life’ and ‘Metrics’ means ‘to
measure’. Finger print of a person is read by a special type of sensor. Finger
print sensor can be interfaced with a microcontroller. Through keypad we can,
also identify the user by selecting corresponding option through keypad by the
specific operational password. This paper we use a fingerprint module to read
once identity to start the equipment. For this we use a ARDUINO-microcontroller
to enable the ignition system if the matching between scanned data and the already
existing data is correct. Comparison is done inside the fingerprint module itself
and its output is given to microcontroller. Result is displayed in a LCD
display whether the user is authorized or not.

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next alternating things that are interfaced with this control system are
electronic solenoid valve, locking system, pollution monitoring and relay for
fuel tank. The main purpose of the electronic solenoid valve in this project is
to control the fuel by only finger print recognition. The locking system is controled
by limiting switches which is connected to the microcontroller. When a signal
is received to the microcontroller from the keypad by pressing the lock switch,
it opens and closes according to the action. Pollution monitoring is done by
fixing a MQ7 sensor which is used to detect CO gases that are emitted from the
vehicle. This displays the amount of gases that are emitted will be shown in
the LCD display and if it exceeds a certain amount it blinks in display.

fuel tank can also be operated by relay switch. Since it involves a large
mechanism, in this project we are just using a switch with a LED that shows the
opening and closing of the tank.