David Foreman’s Wildlands Project, which I believe shows how

David Takayoshi Suzuki, born on March 24th 1936, is a Canadian broadcaster and environmentalist. He is known for his strong insight on climate change and has given many Canadians assistance on how it can be stopped. He has devoted his life to teaching about nature and climate change, making him one of the most popular Canadians to ever live. Being born a Japanese-Canadian during World War II in British Columbia, him and his family faced internment. It was here where Suzuki fell in love with nature and grew up to become one of the most renowned environmentalists that we know today. David Suzuki is one of the most important Canadians because he has helped make Canadians aware of the environmental and climate crisis we are currently going through by encouraging solutions to the problems with the environment and making sure his place is written in stone as one of Canada’s most recognizable and vocal environmentalists. His care for the world and the people of Canada has driven him to aid the environment and spread the message of climate change by creating books and broadcasting. He has used his projects and non-profit organization to bring many great benefits to the environment. David Suzuki greatly aided the environment by showing citizens about forestry, fisheries, and sustainability by broadcasting, creating books, speeches, and anything else he could do sociably to catch the eyes of Canadians. David Suzuki was successful in many of his broadcasted shows, but by far the most significant one to his career was The Nature of Things. It aired in over fifty countries throughout the world and its purpose was to make nature look very interesting and appealing. He discusses human danger to wildlife and how differences can be made in order to see all of these beautiful species and habitats flourish. With this being one of the most popularized series in all of Canadian History, David Suzuki did a good job on hosting and spreading out the message for Canadians and other nations peoples. Suzuki has also produced Yellowstone To Yukon: The Wildlands Project, this conservation science constructed great narratives with Dave Foreman’s Wildlands Project, which I believe shows how to make passages between and buffer zones around extensive nature reserves as a way to save biological diversity. Suzuki was successful with this production as it caught the attention of many people. The idea they had for this project was genius and got many ratings because of its interestingness. David Suzuki made a book named The Sacred of Balance It was Suzuki’s first book that got a lot of attention and was even soon made into a five hour series which was broadcasted on Canadian television. The book was explaining many alternate ways we can use energy and save it. The book did a good job of helping Canadians become aware of energy conservation and how much they are spending, leading to healthier choices later on. David Suzuki’s fame really helped him get his message of the environment and climate change across Canada and even the world. David Suzuki has come as far as to try and change laws of Canada in order to provide benefits for the environment and help control climate change. David Suzuki is changing Canada’s toxic laws along with the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) to tweak many environmental laws for the better. Many harmful toxic substances have and are being used by Canada in consumer products. Over 87 law recommendations have been made in order to keep our nation as healthy and environmentally friendly as possible. Many children have suffered chronic health conditions such as cancer and infertility. They have been also set with 11 recommendations to improve the toxic law itself. Suzuki is clearly even important to the lives of babies as he is helping many people by leaving them less at risk to disease or worse. Suzuki has been working with the Blue Dot Tour, a campaign that is based on the idea that everyone in Canada deserves the entitlement to a healthy environment, to change Canada’s constitution. Suzuki is battling hard with this campaign in order to give everyone the right to a healthy life. Statistics show that 85 percent of people either thought it was already in the constitution or it really should be in the constitution. Concluding, David Suzuki is clearly doing the right thing as he always has been, and is also yet again providing Canadians with awareness and helping the nation so it can be even better and have a very environmentally friendly nation.Suzuki has created many projects and the David Suzuki Foundation which is the most crucial thing he has done to change the lives and views of so many people around the world, especially Canadians. The David Suzuki Foundation (DSF) is a non-profit organization attempting to sustain all life and live in a greener world. With over 30 000 donors and over 9 environmental programs/projects, the DSF is one of Canada’s most successful environmental organization. This Foundation has a nature challenge which is directed towards Canadians to improve quality of life and conserve nature. This challenge is a great mechanism for Canadians to become aware of the problems with the environment and fix them. There are many different things you can do in this challenge such as reducing home energy use by 10%, choosing energy-efficient homes and appliances, or you can try walking, biking, or taking the transit to school or work. Studies show that stress and anxiety are much lower in those who frequently enjoy nature outdoors. Children’s physical fitness is improved as well as problem solving and thinking when exposed to nature. Even whole communities have an overall better satisfaction and quality of life when surrounded by nature. Protecting Nature is a Suzuki program that is solely based on protecting marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems in order to live in a better world. This project helps protect creatures in danger and the ecosystems they live in by reducing pollution and trying to balance the food chain so there is no overpopulation or endangerment. Suzuki has also launched a project names, “Trottier Energy Futures Project”. The purpose of this is that Canadians should focus on using types of energy that dont require fossil fuels in order to keep the climate safer and reduce the risk of global warming. Fossil Fuels are very hazardous to the environment, fossil fuels release carbon dioxide gas and leads to a very high risk of global warming. Suzuki also takes into account the economic and social effects so he can create the ultimate solution for global warming and climate change, thus making the Trottier Energy Futures Project a very positive and helpful project to spread awareness and help the environment. David Suzuki’s intelligence and good will helps him make the most effective projects and create one of the best foundations in Canada therefore making him one of the most recognizable environmentalists and spreading lots of awareness to Canadians everywhere.For these reasons, I strongly believe that David Suzuki is a tremendously important Canadian as he has made Canadians much more aware of the current crisis we are facing in our lifetime and how to stop it. He is well known in Canada and even in some parts of the world for his geniusness and for his help to make the world a better place. He has helped by creating numerous projects and the David Suzuki Foundation, which really helped the environment.