Dear honor of Ida B. Wells. I believe that

Dear Mr. President,

 My name is Felicia
Philpot and the reason that I am writing to you is in consideration for a
national holiday in honor of Ida B. Wells. I believe that Civic and political
participation is very important for the United States so that our society and
government can keep properly functioning like it is supposed to. If most of the
people in our nation are not doing their civic responsibilities and are not trying
to make important decisions that only leaves a small percentage of people who
are doing what they should. it’s important to have civic and political
participation in our country  so that
people are able to have their voices heard and to keep people from being scared
to fight for justice  in order for
peoples voices to be heard and for people to stop being afraid to fight for
justice. Ida B. Wells wanted to change the way that African Americans were
treated. She wanted everyone to know the about the inequality that was happening
in front of their eyes. In late 1889, she had become a part owner of “The
Free Speech and Headlight”, a Memphis based newspaper. She was led to
write about women’s rights, the mistreatment of African Americans, and
segregation. Her life displayed that by her using the voice that she had and
not being afraid to stand up for what she feels strongly about was able to help
influence the decisions in the legal and administration divisions. She had
purchased a first class train ticket from Memphis to Nashville but she was not
allowed to ride first class. The crew members of the train tried to move her to
the African American part of the train but she refused. She sued the railroad
and end up winning a $500 settlement in a circuit court case. She won the
decision but she was overthrown by the Tennessee Supreme Court and she was
forced to pay the cost of the court. This ended up inspiring her to speak up
and use her voice to talk to the people and tell them to stand up for what is
right. After all of this she began her journalism career. We need to have a
nation holiday for Ida B. Wells, for her great works and efforts to make this
country better for everyone. She has contributed to today’s society in
improving the way African Americans are treated and inspiring people to allow
women to vote. She encouraged people to stand up for what they know is right
and to treat people equally no matter their color or gender.

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