Desperation the last of claiming . Sinesio nervously and

Desperation for Better LIfeLa Puerta means ” the door” in Spanish. And it also refers to the significance of the door both as symbolize for a new better life and also the physical door where Sinesio and his wife Faustina always enter. Sinesio is the householder. And he has low paying job in the factory. Faustina stays at home and iron his shirt. He got an envelope from his brother who lives in usa and calling him to go there  and give an assurance to provide him a job. Even though he didn’t have enough money to buy the ticket, he bought the lottery ticket for last chance. When he came home with the lottery, his wife got angry and snatch the lottery ticket from him. She doesn’t believe that it’s impossible the win lottery. Few weeks passed by, Sinesio overhears that no one has yet claimed the  lottery ticket and today is the last of claiming .  Sinesio nervously and rushly went to house and searching the lottery ticket. What is so disastrous and tragic that his wife glues the ticket on the physical door and to fix the leaky door ” La Puerta” . They confirmed the number from newspaper. They had won the Lottery. The door has become their hopes and dreams .  When he couldn’t get it from the door because it stuck and they have couple hour for claiming it  so what he did was  he broke the door and rushly went toward the bus. At the end of the story the door becomes the one thing that is standing between their new life and their old life of poverty. When Sinesio runs down the street with the door over his head, he is filled with hope that it will be the one thing that gives them freedom to walk towards a new life.The Author Burciaga littled this story as La Puerta  ” the door’ because its represent that his fate and freedom stuck on the door( lottery stuck on the door). He always feels that he struggles his life with poverty but lottery( freedom) change his fate through the La puerta “the door”( new pathway for better life)