Engineering young or fresh graduate engineer, they shall be

field nowadays has encountered many challenges including in maintaining the
good ethics within its practioner. Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) through
the code of professional conduct has setup a specific guidelines to be followed
by every registered engineer in Malaysia and somehow for certain reason, there
are still certain cases regarding the ethical things of its engineer. One of
the effective action that we can suggest to the responsible authorities in
order to overcome the misconduct actions of the engineers is by strictly
implementing the rules and punishment to those who were founded guilty. For the
young or fresh graduate engineer, they shall be exposed deeply to this
unethical manners.


            This kind of catastrophe event that
happened in Dhaka, Bangladesh was something that really close to our ethics in
performing our job as a civil engineer. The misconducts of any work related to
the construction things cannot be compromised as it will cost a very high price
to pay including losing of somebody’s live. From the Dhaka’s case, many experts
has analyses the reasons and factors that lead to the collapse of the building
and majority of them agreed that there are so much faulty in term of the
structural issues. Henri Gavin, one of the experts from Duke University say
that, the uneven footing that were constructed became the major problem which
caused the building to have settlement at one of its foundation. This issue was
basically stemmed by some mistakes during the early stages of conducting the
soil testing. The settlement that occur clearly indicates that the building
should not be built at the first place and yet the construction still going on.
The engineer or anyone that still ordered the construction to start should be
held responsible.

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            Another unethical conduct that
happened during the construction of the building was the order from the
managers of the factory that the work shall be continue even though he was
being told that there was a crack at the seventh floor, a day before the
building completely collapsed. According to Fischetti, “”Concrete
cracks … but generally cracks are not a cause for concern unless you can see
it moving over time or it seems to be excessive.” From this statement, the
crack that happened during the construction, is clearly being neglected by the
manager as to him, the crack was not going to move over time. This is something
that must be revised and include in the rules and codes of conduct as sometimes
we don’t know whether the crack can be worst or not. Generally, we have learnt
many valuable ethical things in this case as we are strongly believe that
disaster can be avoided if all of us follow the rules and regulations by not
compromising the misconduct at any level.