Humans Though nobody has died form online offensive meme.

Humans are the most intelligent living organism. It has developed over 50,000 years ago and it hasn’t changed so much as human technology. Nowadays, social media is a tribal fire. It is not the VTA’s friend. The Ventral Tegmental (VTA) of the brain is in the old brain that was formed 56 million years ago by our ancestors and ill-equipped to deal with social media. The VTA does not think; it perceives the signals and responds. For that reason, people ruin lots of time in online arguing about things that are out of control. It is natural for human to be scared to face death. Though nobody has died form online offensive meme. Furthermore, we take social media confrontations as a threat. We know that hippocampus creates new memories, compares the external world to the brain’s core belief. If the external world mismatches the brain’s core belief, a threat occurs. When a threat occurs, the hippocampus signals the amygdala that initiates the stress.


Psychological researchers say stress is the process of appraising and responding which we consider threatening or challenging. The stress responds the ‘fight or flight’ sympathetic nervous system responds increasing the heart rate, and the adrenal glands release norepinephrine and epinephrine. Then the brain sends signals to the adrenal glands to cortisol and other stress hormones to resist the stressor. Repeated and prolonged stress cause problems: the new neurons’ production decreases, neural circuits break down, and early aging and death. In addition, in coronary heart/artery disease, the blood vessels that provide oxygen become clogged, narrowed, and closed, blood pressure and diabetes. We may cope with stress as problem-focused coping like we may limit our time to social media or emotion-focused coping like we don’t attach our emotion too much into the virtual world. Additionally, having close relationships in the real world is related to improved health and immune functioning; social support reduces blood pressure and stress hormones; confiding in others boosts to manage painful feelings. Embrace empathy, and commit the random acts of kindness.

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