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In order to be part of a humanistic and civilized society, it is important to give back to the community. Young people under the age of 18 are the best candidates for community volunteerism because they have plenty of energy and new ideas. High schools should require students to complete certain community work hours as this will expose them to different environments and the valuable skills they acquire will benefit all aspects of life.

Some parents and students may argue that requiring hours of voluntary work is not considered a voluntary service, forcing students to never benefit volunteers or careers. But it is important to understand that high school should guide students. Without it, teens never know how to take the first step to help their community. After completing the required time, many students find that helping others is their real passion

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Educational content is far more than the facts written in the textbook. Education is learning how to give back selfless life. The younger generation do not know what happened around them. Volunteering will broaden your horizons and show them how lucky they are. Interacting with less fortunate people in the kitchen will help teens to learn that many people do not have enough food to feed themselves or their families. Experience like this will open up the eyes of teenagers, giving the opportunity to see a world beyond all luxury. Teenagers rarely touch what is considered “real world.” Adolescents can sometimes be a bit selfish, but an unselfish act like volunteerism can help them become better citizens.

When a student is volunteering , he or she is helping the community while also helping themselves. Volunteering promotes communication with different kinds of people and improves communication and social skills. These skills are crucial to a person’s success in life as it helps them to work with others and give them enough confidence to communicate effectively. Learn to express ideas and thoughts, not adversities. Problem-solving techniques have also been adopted and can be applied later in my career. These skills can be helpful to individuals and others around them. My students use the volunteer skills they have learned. Like adults, maybe the economic problems of today can be solved.

If students to give their time to those in need, high school education will not be completed. At this crucial age, students should practice to be exposed to different people, cultures and environments. Have to go through hard work and prepare for the future life. Students should be forced to complete volunteer work in order to graduate because they teach their valuable skills and broaden their perspective.