M.Sc. completion of the questions/data, withdrawal protocol, confidentiality/anonymity, debriefing

M.Sc. in Applied Clinical PsychologyPS4656 Advanced Clinical Psychology Project Ethics Approval Form
1.Student Surname, Name & Email: Milioni Niki, [email protected]

2.Supervisor Surname, Name & Email: Chouchourelou Arietta, [email protected]

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3.Project Title: A salient compassion: Resilience mediating compassion fatigue, burnout and compassion satisfaction among Trauma Responders operating in Greece.

4.Do the participants belong to a group unable to give informed consent? (If yes, please give details and explain exactly who will give consent. If the research does not involve any human participants, please indicate that here and then go straight to Q11.): No.

5.How exactly will consent be given? (e.g. verbally or in writing): In written form.

6.Please specify what information you will provide in order that consent be informed: Information will include the purpose of the research, estimated time of completion of the questions/data, withdrawal protocol, confidentiality/anonymity, debriefing and the contact details of researchers.

7.Is any deception involved? (If yes, please give details and explain why deception is necessary.): Yes. In order to prevent the occurrence of biased data, the participants will be informed about the purpose of the research in broad terms with no reference to the actual concepts measured. 

8.Does the procedure involve any possible distress, discomfort or harm to participants? (Please consider all possible causes of distress carefully, including likely reactions to the subject matter, debriefing or deception. If yes, please give details and say what steps are to be taken to protect the participants.): Even though deception will be involved in order to minimize the occurrence of bias, the true purpose of the research will be shared in a broader sense and everything will be addressed and discussed openly during debriefing, so no harm or discomfort will befall the participants. 

What mechanism is there for participants to withdraw from the investigation? (Please specify exactly when participants may withdraw: for example, can they contact you later to have their data withdrawn, or is withdrawal only possible until the end of the research session?): As stated in the consent form, withdrawal is only possible until the specified date.

How are confidentiality and/or anonymity to be maintained? (Please be as precise as possible, both here and on any briefing material for participants. For example: “Individual data will only be seen by the researchers. Only group means will be reported in publications/presentations arising from the research.”): Raw data will be kept in password protected files and accessed solely by researchers. Group means will be used to describe the results of the research in any presentation/publication that might arise.

11.What information will you give to participants during debriefing?: Those participants stating in their consent form a desire to be debriefed, will be send an abbreviated version of the results with an emphasis on preventive/protective techniques and, also, have the contact information of the researchers in case any questions or need for guidance arise.

Does the research involve contact with any other organisation or group (e.g. schools, companies, charities, hospitals)? If yes, please give details.: No.

Will ethical approval for the proposed research be sought from any other body (e.g. collaborating departments, health authority, education authority)? If yes, please give details and either (a) include a copy of the letter of approval with this application; or (b) forward a copy of the letter of approval to the Chair as soon as it is obtained (researchers please note that in such cases the approval of the ICPS Ethics Committee should only be regarded as conditional until evidence of external approval has been submitted).: No.

Has permission been obtained to use any copyright materials (e.g. personality tests)? Please also indicate whether particular qualifications or training are needed to administer the tests, and if so, whether the supervisor or student is appropriately qualified.: Permission is not needed to use the ProQOL measure nor any type of training/qualification. A licensing agreement has been purchased for the Resilience scale.

Please give details of any other ethical issues you have considered.: No other ethical issues have risen. 
Signature of student: Milioni NikiNote to student: Signing this form certifies that you agree to carry out your research in the manner specified. If you want to deviate from the approved method at any time, you should discuss this with your supervisor, and, if they think it necessary, seek further ethical approval for the change.Date 30/01/18Signature of supervisor ……………………………………………………………..…..

Note to supervisors: Signing this form certifies that, in your opinion, the project specified here is ethical under Departmental and BPS guidelines. Do not sign if you are unsure, or if the student has not attached final versions of the research materials they are planning to use.