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My partner and I negate the resolution;benefits of NASA’S space exploration program justify the cost.’s budget is 18.4 billion which is 8% of the total federal spending budget. With the budget of 18.4 billion 5% of that is paid for by the people.The cost per person is about $54. has not gone back to the moon because it has cost a lot of money. For NASA to go back to the moon they would have to increase their budget. Nasa went to space they were aiming for things that were indirect. Instead of coming out of space with something they had aimed for they came out with velcro. Nasa was not aiming to come out of space with velcro. The only good thing that came out of the space exploration was good photos of the moon. Scientist could easily take pictures of the moon with a much lower cost. Even though NASA came out of space with velcro, here on earth they came up with the post-it note which was 3 million of the fraction of the cost.What’s the point of making something at zero gravity when more than half of the people will never experience zero gravity.The only reason that NASA went up to space is to show up the USSR.Instead of NASA using its money to explore space why not use the money to explore our own planet.There are still many problems on earth that we need to fix before we even start thinking about going to space again.One of the problems with going to space is it isn’t doing our economic system good. Instead of being able to try to get out of debt we are using over 40% of our on the space exploration. If we dropped the space exploration there would be a lot more money to feed all of the poor and people in poverty.Space exploration isn’t as important as feeding the hungry and the homeless. As NASA is spending more and more of our budget we just see hundreds of people dying in front of our eyes.Also we could use the money that they use for the space exploration for developing countries.The money could also be used for solving pollution.Instead of NASA being one of our first priority education should be at the top to get everyone working. Not only is the space exploration a huge part of the federal budget it is also putting many of our astronauts in danger. January 27, 1967, three astronauts were killed in Apollo I during a routine ground test. The astronauts were suffocated when an electrical spark started a fire in the pure oxygen cabin. Also in June 1986 some of the NASA’s workers found out that the o-ring on the right side of the rocket failed to cause the rocket to rupture and explode taking the lives of 2 of NASA’s astronauts.Again on February 1, 2003 the space shuttle Columbia broke apart during re-entry killing 6 us astronauts and 1 Israeli astronaut. In conclusion, I believe that NASA’s money could be used for many other things including solving pollution and feeding the poor and the homeless.We could also put more money into education so more people are in school and learning things.We should also stop focusing on making zero gravity things because hardly anyone is ever going to experience zero gravity so what’s the point on wasting money to make zero gravity things that aren’t useful. We should focus on these things instead of the space exploration because we could have our money wasted on a single malfunction and not paying close enough attention to simple things. For the reasons my partner and I have mentioned, we believe that you should vote for the con side of the argument.