Name Professor Subject Date Does Technology promote loneliness? The



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Does Technology promote

current technology has a really enabled man to connect worldwide at all times
regardless of the distance.Different research studies have provided evidence on
whether technology has promoted loneliness or not. From my point of view, the
different forms of modern technology both hardware and software have promoted
our social interactions worldwide. This has led to a reduced level of
loneliness among the current society. Take an example of software referred to
as facebook.This is a common and worldwide used app for social interaction.
Based on this software the following are some of the ways in which it
contributed to reduced levels of loneliness:

reduces loneliness because it is a source of information and ideas. It enables
sharing of information on the important and current events happening worldwide.
Most people also share their ideas by posting them on facebook for other people
to view them and also post their comments.

also acts as a gateway to confidence for shy and lonely people.People that lack
the social skills necessary for a face to face communication can choose a wee
to present them online. a new research shows that teenagers who are shy and
lonely turn to Facebook to feel less lonely and socially connected to their
peers (Tippers err a.2013).For example, people who are shy can reflect and
think longer before saying something.This gives people a way to connect while
feeling less anxiety. Hence Facebook is more comfortable than face to face than
face to face. This has reduced loneliness for this group of people.

provides a site where you can enjoy your hobbies and interests.One can discuss
any hobbies or topic of interest on facebook with his friends. There are many
people out there who love the same thing as you and many people who are open to
any conversation you are interested in. Considering the current life people
have got different ideas to evaluate and choose from to influence their beliefs
and life choices.Hence Facebook has provided a common place where users can
interact and share anything on their topics of interests. This has enabled
people to feel connected to each other despite their different locations.

despite the fact that Facebook has really reduced loneliness, on the other
hand, it has really promoted loneliness. In general, although social media help
us to stay connected with family and friends, spending too much time on social
media can actually make you feel alone. Too much time on Facebook may elicit
feelings of envy and the distorted belief that others lead happier and more
successful lives in according to the journal of preventive medicine.  No one joins Facebook to be sad but a study carried
by Michigan university psychologist Ethan Kross reveals that that’s how exactly
it makes people feel. Ross found out that the more people used Facebook in time
the less happy they became and the more their overall satisfaction declined
from the beginning of the study until the end. This shows that Facebook makes
them unhappy.

conclusion, based on Facebook as an example of social media form, technology
has really brought out both positive and negative impacts on our social lives.
People use Facebook for different purposes some which might create loneliness
or reduce loneliness.This means that some people turn to Facebook as a means of
reducing stress and depression.


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