Not fishery resources. But also the occurrence of global

Not only due to overfishing but also
because of environmental hazards, the climate change and pollution has also
catered to the change in fisheries and reducing the number of fisheries in the
oceans and seas. This gives rise to devastating the reef, mangroves and the
seagrass belts, which in eventually reduce the commercially valuable fish to
hatch and also not making the area fit and suitable for these fishes. (KherUmesh, 2006)

Overfishing is also a major problem as
these fishing techniques followed by the small fishermen are through unsorted
fishing, which means that no matter what kinds of fish, matured or not, are
caught which will further give a drop in the percentage of reproduction. (WalshBryan, 2012). Also some of the
studies state that the Bluefin Tuna caught for commercial purposes have not
reached yet to their reproductive age which ranges almost to 90% of the total
fish caught. Through this practice, the Bluefin Tuna undermines their ability
to reproduce and now the world sees a diminishing population of the Bluefin by
not giving them chances for rebuilding their population. And thus it happens
such that the Bluefin Tuna in Japan is so valuable. (WalshBryan, The Pacific Bluefin Tuna is Going,
Going…, 2013).

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The National Fisheries Research &
Development Institute states that overfishing is one of the large phenomenon
which is causing diminish in the fishery resources. But also the occurrence of
global warming is also one of the reason for the diminishing of fishery
resources in these littoral zones. In Korea, the case is different, overfishing
is not mainly done by the citizens of Korea but this is done by the Chinese
fishing boats in the Korean waters to combat the competition in the fishery
markets, which damages the reproductive lifecycle of underwater species. (JangLina, 2016).

Especially in the last year, the volume
of squid fishing has drastically reduced due to overfishing by the Chinese
fisheries. This gave fall in the squid output to almost 10% than that of the
previous year. This was because of China and North Korea signed a pact which
allowed Chinese ships to catch in the North Korea Sea following with some
amount of fees. Experts mentioned that because of movement of squid form North
Korea down to South Korea, South Korea is facing in a decline in the squid volume.
The South Korea’ Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries stated to Beijing ensuring
the Chinese ships to take a step back and not damaging the South Korean fishing
equipment. Also there were and there still are high tension between China and
South Korea when China’s boat initiated illegal fishing in South Korean sea. (Yonhap News, 2018).



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The Korean Government has set many regulations
on the fishery stock that has been exploited by the Chinese vessel and is
having dispute between China. The problem has got serious when Chinese vessel
illegally crossed the borders of the sea and have illegally exploited on the
fishery products in Korean Sea. Last year, the situation was worse and there
were lots of news channels on how exploitation is taking place in Korea by the
Chinese vessel. This has been going on from past many years, where in the last
year, there was squid crisis in Korea, where North Korea have permitted China to
take fishing activities in North Korea Sea, but overfishing took place there so
the squids could not come down reaching till Korea Sea.

The government of Korea has given
permission to the Maritime Police to threaten the Chinese vessels when they
cross over the Korean sea and take illegal fishing practices. This is done as
the situation continues even though series of notice has been given to the Chinese
government on the illegal practices happening on the Korean sea.

This overexploitation by the Chinese
vessel is a big problem to the population of Korea, as in 2015, the Korean
government has banned import of the fishery produce coming from Japan which was
set up by the WTO. This is because when Fukushima crisis, a large amount of
radioactive material was dumped in to the ocean, thus the Korean government has
seen this problem might cause threat to the population of Korea and have
decided on the ban.





As studied through researches and news, I
have seen that even though WTO nor the GATT imposes rules and regulations on
the environmental issues, people are not aware of the issues arising around the
world. As fishery produce being the main part of the ecosystem, there should be
more stringent laws regulating on the fishery produce.

Also it was quite surprising that the
issues in Korea is severe than what I had knowledge on. Overfishing is quite
frequent in the Korea Sea, and this problem should be resolved as soon as






As a large number of the crowd is not
aware that overfishing and depletion in the fishery produce can be a major
threat to the ecosystem, there should be increase in the awareness of these
problems. Overfishing should be given as much importance like deforestation,
pollutions, etc.

Also organizations like GATT and WTO must
insist on the importance of overfishing and must increase the awareness and as
well as the provisions and laws should be strengthened.