Nowadays, analysis have been applied. Weaknesses and threats such

Nowadays, every company and business organisations consider Business Intelligence as one of the most important parts  for a successful and flourishing business. Business Intelligence, BI is an idea or technology that supports and helps to make better or specific decisions by creating very precise reports for businesses through accessing, gathering, storing, filtering and analysing big data. Business Intelligence has a few functions such as query and reporting, decision support systems, online analytical processing, statistical analysis, forecasting and data mining, in order to make the information and numbers more digestible and visualise data. Business Intelligence helps to analyse business performances by evidence based vision. This is to make it better understand about the past, find out about the present gaps and predict the future for organisations. Dresner (1989) was one of the first pioneers to provide a definition for Business Intelligence, describing it as “concepts and methods to improve business decision making by using fact-based support systems.”


In this report, I would like to provide an information about Newcastle United Football Club’s performance review and have look at the potential focus area on fans and supporters of the team for developing a BI solution. My aim is to critically evaluate my chosen sector of NUFC by implementing and deploying a BI data/Data Analytics System. After having some financial difficulties, Newcatsle East End and Newcastle West End merged as one team, and in 1892 the Newcatle United Football Club was founded. It is an English expert league football club that is located in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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NUFC’s business mission is “Support to achieve the success”. NUFC’s are facing some financial problems due to its corporate motives. Their current sales and profits are not stable, in fact they are declining, competitors are going ahead, investments are getting higher. There are certainly some areas that could be fixed. To come up with some weak areas, the SWOT analysis have been applied. Weaknesses and threats such as over rated investments, lack of training development, there needs to be an improvement over sales and offer a higher rate of competitive prices for their employers/players. Their sales and income is also decreasing. Their greatest strength and opportunities, is that they have some exceptional talented and full of potential players, have a big amount of funding for their players, which is motivational. NUFC is also famous for its “Goal!” film, which makes them recognisable in the international association.


For sport businesses one of the most important and perhaps biggest challenges is to transform new or already existing customers into fans and supporters. Even more essential and challenging is to build loyal and long-term relationship with their already existing customers and fans.  


To develop a BI solution about the critical analysis to find out about the best channels or platforms for engagement. I would like to have a look at a few key parameters such as demographic analysis, activity level and channels used for participation. There is an issue in the marketing communication department ad customer relationship management. Newcastle United need to gain better understanding and sense of their fans and supporters, as well as improving ways of communication, for example, online. In other words, there should be a more defined customer retention strategy, which could potentially include loyalty programs, social media, personal touches, regular reviews, premiums and rewards or questionnaires and surveys. By doing so they will improve of fan excitement and engagement.


By analysing the current costumer demographics (age brackets, socioeconomic profile and interest) and their activity levels, the Newcastle United will be able to develop a relationship, understand and increase fan engagement by improving their communication efforts. To provide a brief idea how many fans and followers the Newcastle United had in 2013, I would like to bring a comparison with other football clubs. Figure 1 shows that although NUFC is not the least popular one, it still needs to take into consideration why do they have less followers than the football clubs from the top rows.  

To start with the rich pictures, I would like to provide the root definition. First of all, Newcastle United football club needs to improve marketing communication as well as costumer relationship. In the second step, the rich pictures is shows above as the problem situation expressed, there is lack of control.                                  The root definition is :


Newcastle United Football Club needs increase fan engagement and excitement (X), by making a plan to analyse them by age brackets, interests and socioeconomic status (Y), in order to understand the sense of their fans and build a stronger and long-term relationship with them (Z).


The CATWOE core analysis is also needed, In order to understand the root definition.


Customers                                            New/Loyal Fans

Actors                                                   Marketing Communication Department

Transformation Process         Marketing Communication Department  needs to get to know the Newcastle United Football Club’s fans better

Weltanschauung                     To make sure that they build long-term relationship

Owners                                   Newcastle United Football Club       

Environmental constraints     Number of goals per matches as a win


In conclusion, there are many areas to consider for a communication improvement, to keep

the new customers and fans, as well as keep engaging the loyal already existing fans. It’s

very important to keep up date with their customers through social media and sport

channels, making the communication more personalised, giving the rewards. It is also

essential to give analysis through feedbacks and fan surveys.