Retailing disadvantages with the advantages they have. Retailers need

Retailing is a business activity
that sells merchandise to the ultimate consumer by creating value. Retailers
can use multi-channel to distribute their goods to the end consumers through
store and non-store retail based methodologies and known as multi-channel retailing.
Retailers provide value in many ways such as providing an assortment of
products and services, breaking the bulk holding the inventory providing
services. The retailer plays an important role as he bridges the gap between
the manufacturer and the consumer. Due to the globalization which could be
known as integration of geographically dispersed countries into a one global
village and due to the development of the internet retailing has emerged into a
different level in the consumer eyes. In modern terms consumers can purchase
products from any part of the world from a push of a button.

Convenience is a most important
aspect in the world of retailing the in store retailers value convenience as an
important aspect. But as for the online retailers they tend to figure to
suppress disadvantages with the advantages they have. Retailers need to analyze
the consumer decision making process to understand the dynamic business
environment in which the consumer behaves to deliver a unique satisficing
experience to the end consumer.

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The magazine will illustrate on
three online retailers and how they retail to the mass market and the magazine
will focus on polo shirts from three different retailers: Lacoste, Brooks
Brothers and Ralph Lauren.










History of
Polo shirts

shirts are known for their comfort and elegant style over the world since it
has an elegant look in the minds of urban consumers. A Polo shirt consist of a
placket, colour with three packet and an optional pocket. The materials used to
manufacture polo shirts are cotton silk wool and synthetic fibers. Polo shirts
are available in a wide range of variety of styles, colours in specialty stores
and departmental stores. The brand loyalty is built on consumers due to the
durability, comfort and style in polo shirts. The 1800’s year is a special
event for the emergence of polo shirts. The exact origin of the polo shirts is
unknown and many believe it emerged probably in the 19th century.
The sport polo variety originated from Manipur India. The history states that
it evolved when British soldiers captured India they witnessed a match played
by the local Indians and started to play this during their free time at that
time the soldiers uniform was