Spiritual essential for spiritual growth. Simply being- guided meditation

rejuvenation and the best spiritual apps to use.

It’s a common misconception which people believe that being
spiritual, you must be religious, but that is not the case. Just because you
lack affiliation with a specific religion does not mean you should not strive
to become more spiritual. People with a developed sense of spiritual awareness
understands what it means to be truly happy because they have established a
connection, not necessarily with divine power, but by connecting with nature or

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We live in a very dynamic and a busy world where it’s easy
to get caught up in life and wonder of our path. In this digital era, people
rarely carry books around because of the popularity of smartphones and e-books.
There are many developed spiritual apps which are gearing toward
self-development and spiritual awareness. During that five minute break after
lunch at work or when you are in the middle of a stressful time, you can
reenergize and refocus yourself using spiritual apps.

Spiritual apps essential for spiritual growth.

Simply being- guided
meditation for relaxation and presence –mediation oasis-

It is a great mediation app for beginners with mediation
session ranging from 5-20 minutes.

Mindfulness app-

This app is for guide meditation practice and has meditation
offer and meditation timers for keeping you on track.


Mindbody app help to manage your fitness routine through an
excise track.

Power Animal Oracle

 If you are fascinated
with connection with animals’ spiritual guides, then this is the app for you.

Smiling mind-

This app is ideal for a family because it’s specifically
tailored so that children who are as young as 7yrs can use the app and also
adults of any age.

Pure Yoga-

Pure yoga is an ambiance app with some of the best ambient
music. It’s a great app for relaxation during any activity.


There are methods which can be used to increase your
spiritual awareness for example:

1.    Spending time
with nature

It helps you to become more aware of your natural
environment. This awareness can help you in determining your purpose in life so
that you can truly understand what living is about

2.    Getting enough

Create a routine that allows you to get enough sleep every
night. It will help your body recover from fatigue during the day making it
easier to stay in control of your thoughts.

3.    Laughing and

It enables us to purify, heal and boost our moods which
improve our physical health. Laughter is the best medicine and creates both a
positive attitude and environment.

4.    Communicate with
your soul

The soul holds part of your memories and awareness. The soul
is a person’s aura identity. To be able to communicate to your soul you have to
believe it exists. Calming your mind is one way to communicate with your soul
because you can feel the subtle voice inside.

In conclusion, it’s essential, we stay in tune with our
spiritual energy and try to improve on it through spiritual ‘exercise.’ It will
help overcome the roadblocks and challenges in life which makes us feel alone,
disconnected and isolated.