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The environment is finally starting to recover due to lots hard work. For many years different factors have played a part in warming the earth. Yet the circumstances look like they could be getting better. Many countries and states have begun to put caps on carbon emission, and scientists have found ways to reduce bleaching in coral reefs.For many years companies could emit as much carbon into the atmosphere without any repercussions. In recent years more and more governments have been confronted by climate change, and have decided to limit the amount of carbon dioxide a company can give off. As many as 40 countries have implemented a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade program in order to reduce emissions. Some companies have even made their own promises to contribute to the cause, such as Hewlett Packard, and Toyota. These changes present strong chances for our future to be a brighter, cleaner one.Off the coast of Australia, the great barrier reef has been looking glum. The coral in this reef has started to “bleach” itself due to heat waves, causing the coral to turn white. These heat waves can be attributed to climate change as well as other factors. However, the circumstances are not as bleak as they seem. Many have reported the reef as dying or dead, but this is not the case. Bleaching happens to the coral when is becomes very stressed and cannot uphold its symbiotic relationship with the algae inside of it. So the coral is not dead, just waiting for better conditions to arise. But with new “super corals” developed by scientists, they may not have to. This DNA breakthrough has allowed the creation of heat-tolerant corals. This with the addition of the initiatives of stopping climate change, there is a good chance the reef can survive.The Paris agreement will help give a set of guidelines to nations everywhere on how much they need to stop emissions. However, one could argue that the United States withdrawal from the Paris agreement will ruin the plans to stay under the 2° of change. Since they are the second biggest polluter, it would make sense to have these fears. But even without the Paris Agreement, some states have already taken action on their own. Hawaii has agreed to stick with the Paris Agreement, and plenty of others have made emission goals. In fact, just yesterday the president has said he is reconsidering joining the Paris Agreement. The United States is still making progress.The future looks promising for the environment. With countries and companies committing themselves to a greener earth, the great barrier reef could be brought back to its former glory. With some patience and hard work, our society can change for the better.