The Paris Climate Agreement. However, this Agreement must be

The article written by Miroslav highlights the significance of sustainable energy on control of environment changes. The approach to many environmental challenges was proposed in Paris Climate Agreement. However, this Agreement must be strengthened and supported by the Nations participation to enhance the problem-solving range.The ongoing climate changes are affecting the humanity on a large extent leaving a huge impact on the living conditions. The statistics indicated that the present action plan couldn’t lower the temperature even by 2 degrees Celsius. So, based on the results we cannot implement the same plan for years to come as it would lead to loss of humanity.A better plan involves the use of renewable energy as an energy source which would drive to lower environmental temperatures. This is explained by three points: -Firstly, people’s lives are always dependent on energy. According to statistics, about 50% of Africa’s population lacks the affordability of energy. The development of latest and clean energy will have an influence on humanity and on the environment. The energy from non-renewable sources which involve carbon emissions must be replaced by energy from renewable sources. However, this transformation involves financing and better efficiency measures which can be sorted using modern technology.Secondly, The Paris Climate Agreement was accepted by 165 Nations all over the world. These Nations must actively participate by implementing better environmental policies which involve the use of renewable sources. Many lives are affected by the environment changes. Climatic changes like droughts, floods, earthquakes, temperature inconsistency etc are causing significant loss to humanity on earth. A proper pre-planning of Climate Agreement 2020 between the Nations is needed to avoid the failure of climate control.Thirdly, Sustainable development and growth in energy will have an impact on climate control. We must plan 2030 such that better energy without burden on the earth and it must be accessible to entire humanity. Previously development was measured in terms of carbon emissions which must be replaced by sustainable energy in future.Thus, Environment agreements can be strengthened using sustainable energy and proper planning of next 2020, 2030 agreements is needed so that humanity can live without climatic problems.