The role of teachers as educators is the roles

The role of teachers as
educators is the roles associated with the tasks of providing assistance and
encouragement (supporter), supervisory tasks and supervision (supervisor) as
well as tasks related to discipline the child so that the child becomes
obedient to the rules of the school and norms of life in family and society.

The role of the teacher as a
model or example for the child. Every child expects their teacher to be an
example or model for him. Therefore, the behavior of educators either teachers,
parents or community leaders must be in accordance with the norms adopted by
society, nation and state. Since the value of the basic values of the state and
nation of Indonesia is Pancasila, then the behavior of educators should always
be infused by the values of Pancasila.

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the behavior of the teacher is
the behavior of the student. Education at preschool and basic levels, teacher
behavior is a model for students to behave both inside and outside the
classroom. The speech and command of the teacher is very much obeyed by his
students. In fact, it often happens that the speech and command of the teacher
heard by the child in the school is more obeyed by the child than the words and
instructions of his parents.

the school environment is an
educational institution. Although we see models of education and education
processes as comprehensive and long-term, they are in small steps, such as
attitudes, behaviors and daily communication between parents and children at
home and between teachers and children at school. The educational model
consists of individual words and expressions, which means, ensuring the success
of education, attitudes, behavior or talking with parents and teachers should
have the correct message and courtesy in speaking

this is consistent with the
opinions expressed by various authors, e.g. Hirvi, Hari and Niinisto (Razdevšek
Pu?ko and Rugelj, 2006), who base their thinking on changes in society and
changes that occur in schools. They reflect on how certain roles teachers have
used so far have changed, while others still need to be changed or discarded.