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The need for digital communication had arisen tremendously that is transforming the advertising industry into new shapes. That is one of the reasons about the ignorance about Digital marketing. In many cases firms have to teach the clients and make them understand about the social media movement. Some clients realized the new social media skill and called for the digital communications for their brands. After the primary pitch to the client, depending on the thoughts and cost a contract take place between the two firms. Digital firms need to understand each brand they work for and the target they are trying to achieve, they have to maintain different strategies. The contract time varies time to time and once proved; the firm’s starts getting long time agreements. The digital firms need to offer the clients applications. Some companies have their own application and some outsources these applications. Facebook video also has a demand in the market and low budget video contents are reaching to people more day by day.











































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1.1 Background of the study


Managing Digital Marketing Communication is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Digital marketing itself is a catch-all term for sites that may provide radically different social actions. For instance, twitter is a social sited signed to let people share short messages or “updates” with others. Facebook, in contrast is a full-blown social networking site that allows for sharing updates, photos, joining events and a variety of other activities.



As a student of BBA, doing major in Marketing, I got the opportunity to do internship in iPay Systems Ltd., a startup FinTech company in Bangladesh who aims to drive a cashless society and bring all the transaction to take under the digital platform by using the iPay wallet which is coded, developed and created in our country. Thus I chose Digital marketing as my internship topic and I hope that this internship experience will point out how the corporate world really works and will help me to apply theoretical knowledge in the practical life. After the end of my internship program, I hope I will be able to know how the famous brands activate marketing campaigns on social network sites and what their strategies are.



1.2 Objectives of the Study



1.2.1 Broad Objective


The objective of the study is to identify, analyse and implement effective communication strategy and connect to the target consumer through social media to acquire brand attendance and brand communication of iPay Systems Ltd.



1.2.2 Specific Objectives


The main point of the study is going to cover are:


1.      To study the FinTech industries potentiality in Bangladesh and its impact on digital marketing and brand communication.


2.      Importance of digital marketing compared to other medium of brand communication and its benefits.









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3.      To know about how digital payment ecosystem in Bangladesh can shape the entire economic activity.


4.      To know about how to undertake effective digital marketing and communication strategies which will have greater impact on creating brand awareness.



1.3 Limitation of the Study



To build up this study several limitations has been discovered. Those limitations are:




•  To collect primary data it is hard to get the correct information from people because they might not feel comfortable or provide their false feeling because they want to remain


surveyors’ feelings to be intact.


• This is a long term research where more information could be included. Due to the lack of time I was unable to compile all the information through.


•    The precise analysis requires good amount of financial support, because of that monetary limitation it is impossible use the full potentiality of this research.


•   To observe the whole corporation activities and come up with a fruitful result requires huge amount of time, so time limit is another crucial limitation of this study.


•    The internship proposal is conducted based on several secondary data which were rather inefficient or unreliable.



1.4 Internship Period Activities


As an intern, first I worked under community engagement. Being on community engagement department, my duties were to communication with the fans of different pages through Aegis Lisa software and Facebook page manager. Simultaneously, I was also assigned to work with servicing team of Airtel as per my performance. After one and a half month, I was shifted to planning department officially.


•                    Getting brief from clients


•                    Make a checklist for job to do


•                    Make a proposal


•                    Pitch the proposal to the clients







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•                    Collect feedback and make negotiation


•                    Transfer it to the media buying department as per budget clearance


•                    Follow up the activity
































I got the chance to have three months long internship at iPay Systems Ltd. I did so many different duties and responsibilities that are conducted by the Digital Client Service Department and Community Engagement Department for Facebook brand pages.



•        Collecting online pictures for Facebook posts


•        Writing content for Facebook posts


•        Delivering Facebook post creative to our creative department


•        Checking brand insights


•        Planning different ideas for different contest in Facebook brand pages