The which is the physical or psychological force factor

The occurrence of Global conflict
is essentially a common issue adopted in the Global Political World. Some
States rise into power, while others fall and struggle to gain sovereignty. Conflict
within states can befall due to the struggle between ideologies, fundamentally
when groups within a society do not accept the legitimacy of the state,
increasing the risks of conflict.  States
which suffer to satisfy people’s needs and wants, for instance lack of
education and health facilities, low income level, and unequal distribution of
wealth and resources, can arise conflict. States stabilize conflict through the
notion of ‘negative Peace’ when there is an absence of violence which is the
physical or psychological force factor of the prevalence of disagreement
between states, enabling someone to fulfill their needs. Although when peace
has been established in a state, this is called ‘Positive peace’, when the
issues are sophisticatedly addressed and relationship between states has


States over time have contributed to
conflict, and have dealt with structural violence, which is when a social
structure or institution harms people from meeting their basic needs, and can
be encountered in a peaceful society. One of the key causes of conflict in a
society is due to inequality between groups, and people. Elitism and groupism
encourages justice seeking, and the will to fight for equal human rights and
freedom. The division of people in states, increases the likelihood of
violence, and war in a society. According to Johan Galtung who is a peace
revolutionist says, the cause of intrastate conflict is due to structural
violence, he states, “wherever there is conflict there is presence of violence,
and incompatibility of goals and means.” Galtung believes conflict will always
remain regardless if there is so called peace in the society. He describes the
two terms violence and peace are very much alike and linked to each other, and
conflict is always present. Further explaining Structural violence is
ultimately a hybrid concept, which is imperial and theoretical. Social
conditions in a state contribute to the loss of life and violence, and the idea
of structural violence is when there is existence of threat, however cannot be
directly verified. According to Galtung the creation of a system which can
identify the threat, can prevent the loss of life and conflict in a state.  

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Collier, a professor of economic and public policies argues the main cause of
conflict is due to economic differences in a state. Conflict arises in states
due to issues which upsurge in democracies, when the government is incapable to
distribute the states resources erratically. Mentioning the occurrence of civil
war is when rebellious groups and organizations challenge the government and
their policies, also stating high inequality and lack of political rights which
encourages divisions with a state, provoking peoples need to engage in violent
protests. States struggle to manage their resources, and end up dealing with
corruption and economic mismanagement. States need to have a high growth rate
in order to limit the risks of violence’s and the consequences of conflict. In
2013, civil war took place in Africa, which is one of the major places of
distributing diamonds around the world, however their main resource of