To opportunities in life. I finished high school with

To whom it concerns:

This letter serves as a formal application for any of the
open positions within the Graduate Student Association.

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My name is Yuleisy Suriel. I’m from the Dominican
Republic and I’m currently in my second semester on the Master in Public
Administration in Health Care at Western Michigan University. I have always had
a passion for medicine and business. Hence, the program I’m doing.

Since I was pretty young I developed a feeling of
essential competence in front of every academic program that I would focus on
culminating, the reason behind it is that I’ve always believed that knowledge
is the key of success. Without it we would lose great opportunities in life. I finished
high school with the highest Grade Point Average among the student of my class.
When I was 18, I graduated with honors “Summa Cum Laude” from Business
Management at the university. I pent two years working on my home country as a
Payment Analyst, this has been a progression of experiences that have allowed
me to understand where my skills and passions exist.

of my goals is to attain career success in an organization in which I can
utilize my abilities and provide an atmosphere that fosters professional and
personal growth.

have many administrative expertise that has provide me with the necessary
skills to plan and coordinate events, take charge in all facets of accounting
and financial procedures and be able to complete any activities and tasks. If
not, I strongly ensure you that I’m a quick learner. My work experience has
allowed me to be able to manage multiple tasks, be adaptable and being capable
to respond to unpredictable scenarios.

enjoy a demanding and variable work environment and am open to learning new and
challenging tasks to enhance my career. I also appreciate working with people
of all cultures and backgrounds and being able to support them. I believe that
my knowledge could bring a unique perspective and highly qualified approach to
your organization.

Graduate Student Association has encourage me to get involved in the mission to
make student feel empowered and engage with their aspirations.

consideration of my qualifications is greatly valued. I look forward to the
opportunity to be part of such magnificent organization.   

would like to thank you for taking the time to review my attached resume.